A Taste of Spring.

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After a one-year wait, I finally made it to Melbourne and Sydney with the boy and two of my close friends. It was a pretty short trip, so we tried to squeeze in as much as we could to make … Continue reading

Hello Again.

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Oh boy, I don’t even know where to begin – it’s been a few months since I last updated, and there’s just too many things to share! But the easiest would be to list them down in bullet points, so … Continue reading

Turning Six.

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Can’t quite believe that the boy and I have reached our six-year mark this year. When I think about it, it feels as though we’ve been dating since forever, but at the same time, it feels as though it hasn’t … Continue reading

A Little Shine {Part Two}.

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Hello lovelies! Hope you’ve been well. It’s just another day till it’s back to work for yours truly. Not really looking forward to it as it’ll be quite a busy and hectic week ahead, but I guess here’s to surviving! … Continue reading

A Little Shine {Part One}.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Feeling all the love in the air yet? I’ve come to realize that I’m quite a hopeless romantic, and so all things little, warm, sweet and romantic gets me all fuzzy inside. Mhmm! So, are you … Continue reading

Hello Twenty Thirteen.

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A very happy and blessed New Year, lovelies! So what do you know, we’re back to the beginning of yet another new year. A new year of renewed hopes, renewed dreams, renewed plans, renewed resolutions, renewed… I guess it’s all … Continue reading

Closing Chapter 2012.

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Let’s just say, this year flew by way too fast! 2012 marked the year where I transitioned to a whole new phase in life – graduated from university, and stepped foot into the working world. With that transition, many new … Continue reading

Of Lights & Carols.

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A little late, but blessed Christmas, lovelies! Feels like ages since I last updated, although it was just a couple of months. Work has been busy, but thankfully it toned down a lot towards the end of the year. Don’t … Continue reading

For Infinity.

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I’ve always been a fan of Etsy, but never got around to purchasing anything. At least until just recently. I stumbled upon this lovely shop, bk and jio, and immediately fell in love with their infinity bracelet. Right then, I … Continue reading

Don’t Look Back.

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I’ve never really fully understood the phrase, “Keep on going, and don’t ever look back”. Well, at least until yesterday. Of course it was all along the lines of not letting your past hold you down, not giving up, etc. … Continue reading