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Closing A Chapter.

Hello beautifuls!

Some of you might have known that I sat for my final university exam last Saturday. The paper went pretty alright, I must say. Thank God, really! At first when I opened the paper, my mind was blank, but after a while, I sorta got my mojo back and started writing away. So yeah, it wasn’t all too bad. Hehe. To think things over, I’m officially done with my studies, and well, I’m officially unemployed, so to speak. Haha! I know it’s a terrible thing, being unemployed, but today’s only my third day of being a graduate + unemployed, so I’m actually enjoying it so far.

My family and boyfriend have been telling me that I’m a little too happy lately – always bursting into song (Christmas carols, to be exact), or smiling away like a clown, and even clapping my hands when I get a little too excited. But the thing is, this is the first December holidays that I’m able to really enjoy myself without worrying too much about starting a new semester, or have any baggage to tie me down. Plus, I love a good Christmas season. Guess that explains me being a little too overjoyed. :) I’m happy. Haha. And the best part is? Smiles and happiness spreads from person to person – I’ve been seeing that a lot lately with my family and boyfriend. ;) Hee!

So in the past week, we’ve had two lovely guest posts by Candice and Kristina, and I’m sure you enjoyed having them over. We have another guest post coming up next by the creative lady, Mel, from Modanista Junkie. Be sure to pop by then. ;)

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  1. Make the most of it lovely! Before you know it you will be in full time employment and life flies past without you even noticing. Congratulations on finishing uni. I remember the feeling fondly. Have a lovely Christmas if I don’t get to speak to you again before the big day :) xx

  2. Congratulations on graduating!! It is tough to find a job, but I’m sure you will find something. You’re a smart cookie! :)

  3. Congratulations darling! Best of luck with all your future endeavors, oh and have a very Merry Christmas (time to relax and have fun! hehe)

    xx Carina

  4. Enjoy your time off. After all your hard work, you deserve it. Have a lovely Christmas xx

  5. I am so so happy for you, Sarah!! You totally deserve the break, enjoying the holidays and the happiness of all that comes with finishing up school and the rewarding satisfaction of hard work paying off! Hope your Christmas season is going well, and that you’re soaking up every minute of joy-filled fun :)

  6. Take advantage of being unemployed as I’m sure you’ll be snapped up very soon! It’s so great to hear that you’re happy, you really can’t beat that feeling of unfounded happiness (: Merry Christmas! xxx

  7. That is awesome. Congrats! That is really amazing. Yay, look forward to the next guest post. ;) Thank you so much for reaching out to me. :)


  8. Congratulations on this major accomplishment, dear Sarah! Very proud of you, indeed. Enjoy the holiday season – I hope it’s your best ever! Thank you for your friendship and affection this year. Lots of love,

  9. sarah, enjoy your time of not working because it won’t be long before you land yourself a job!! and then it’s work, work, work haha!! thanks again for having me as your guest sarah, so sweet of you!! and congratulations w. your degree!!
    xoxo, kristina
    p.s. love mel, i’ll be sure to swing by when her post is up!!

  10. Congrats!!! You’re officially done with school, yeahhhhhh!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy your time being unemployed and a gradute for the time being, hehe

    Most important, enjoy your Christmas and keep that infectious smiling going to all those people around you=D

    Happy Holidays Sarah and sing away….hehe

    Btw, i really like your iphone photos! So dreamy!


  11. one more thing,

    How do u manage to make the collage like that with the photos? I’ve seen many people do it but i haven’t figured out how. It would be great if you could tell me how to do it?? Thx a lot!

  12. YAYAYAYAY! I am so happy that you are SO HAPPY! Congrats on finishing your classes for good! :D That is awesome…I remember when I graduated from college, I felt so relieved! Live it up, sing sing sing, celebrate Christmas, and enjoy your temporary unemployment! :D

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