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Of Grey And Yellow Hues.

Both Fern and I have been wanting to embark on a little photoshoot for quite a while now but only recently were we able to set aside a day to carry it out. All prepped up and excited, the two of us decided to head out on an early Tuesday morning. The two of us were hoping very much for a morning of sunshine, but the morning was cold, rainy, and grey. It took us about an hour to reach our spot, but the skies still hadn’t cleared up. But we decided to start anyway. So, enjoy the little photo journey! And oh yes, this is just part one. ;)

In the photos, I’m donning my favorite white lace top from Dorothy Perkins which I bought for Chinese New Year earlier this year. And that yellow mustard high-waisted skirt is from Zara. I remember very clearly standing in the fitting room with both my girlfriends, Azalea and Rachael, deciding whether or not I should spend on it. I must say, it was love at first sight. Notice the little purple cloth detailing on the front zipper and the pockets? Interesting enough, the purple side on the inner pocket is meant to only show a little, making it a very interesting piece. The colorful beaded anklet is from my Phuket trip, the watch from Fossil and those black wedges are from Cotton On.

I’ve noticed quite a number of bloggers posting up collages together with a color block (literally a block) and I decided to try it on this time around. And I must say that I’m actually loving how it turned out! Nothing much or big, but definitely pleasing to the eye, yes?

We never expected the photos to turn out so nicely actually because of the overcast weather but thankfully, they are all really lovely! I was telling Fern how pictures tend to look nice on the camera but when you upload it to the computer, it turns out a little different. I guess, this time we were wrong because the photos turned out beautifully. It was indeed a fun day out with her, and I foresee another photoshoot coming up sometime soon (well, maybe not so soon).

Stay tuned for the second batch of photos! :) And have a lovely weekend, darlings. Much love!


  1. I think I commented on one of these on FB but it’s so great to see more of this shoot. I agree with you – the photos came out so beautifully, Sarah! Very professional and you look GORGEOUS. So happy it was so successful for you and I look forward to more. Have a lovely weekend! xo – g

  2. you look so pretty, they turned out really well. I find an overcast sky (without rain) to be the best weather for taking pics :-)

    • After this shoot, I’ll have to agree with you on that one – overcast sky to be the best weather to take photos. :) Thanks sweetie!

  3. Gorgeous! You know, overcast skies are apparently the best conditions for photoshoots because the lighting isn’t harsh and the colors really pop against the softer grey tones!
    You look simply gorgeous, Sarah!

  4. Oh my gosh, you are so beautiful!! I love your top, it’s details are so lovely. Gorgeous photos!

  5. Hey pretty lady! ;) I love your white lace top and black wedges!

  6. You look gorgeous in these! I love that colour yellow. So pretty. And overcast skies definitely make for better photos. What camera are you using? I’m planning on buying one for my birthday but I’m still undecided as to which one to buy xx

  7. sarah ~ you look gorgeous my dear! i love how you set up your photos into this pretty collage as well! and of course i love your lace top and pretty yellow skirt!! love it, love it!!
    xo ~ kristina

  8. Loving those photos..
    The yellow skirt is divine
    lee x

  9. Your skirt is absolutely gorgeous! What a lovely outfit :)

    Claire x

  10. hi sarah.. miss you a lot..
    this is the first time i see you on your post, you are so beautiful and the skirt + that lace top are work well together. especially the top, it’s so cuteeeee..


  11. that skirt is seriously perfection.

  12. I am seriously in love with your outfit. You look amazing!!!!


  13. Great photo shoot indeed!! And may i add, you look soo pretty dear=D
    I absolutely adore your mustard colored skirt!!! Wow, i didn’t know you guys have Cotton On and Dorothy Perkins over there! We have Cotton On but i wish we had DP too,hehehe….i actually saw those wedges in Cotton On and they look super cute!!!

    Anyway, you have a great week and i will be waiting for the next batch of photos ;-)


  14. That is a crazy pretty ensemble! I love it :)

  15. I love these photos. Anything by the water just looks great. And your top is awesome anyways.

  16. love the layout of your lovely blog! It’s so pretty.

    Great photos! and love the outfit. Absolutely adore the color of your skirt!

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