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These Eyes.

Hello loves!

My recent post on the final sequel to the ‘What’s In My Bag?’ post went missing after half a day. According to the boy, they were upgrading and shifting the server so that’s why it probably got lost somewhere in between. So here’s an in-between post to keep all of you occupied till I’ve organized all the photos from the photoshoot with Fern! She actually blogged about it already, here and here. But well, my own post on the shoot will be up soonish! :)

I’ve been having a little liking towards taking photos of (my) eyes, so as you can see, these are photos of my eyes taken by yours truly. A friend told me before about how one’s eyes can tell a whole lot of things about a person. They can represent such truth and sincerity, while some, otherwise. Do you think so too?

On a lighter note, this week happens to be the final week of holidays before my final semester kicks in. I have really been enjoying life as a student (especially this time around), spending most of my time at home, and recently, watching old reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. Oh, and not forgetting the amount of food I have stored in my kitchen to keep me company throughout this week.

Well I hope that you have been more than fine, darlings. And I wish you a lovely week, filled with all kinds of wonderful!


  1. sarah ~ i think that you can tell so much by a person’s eyes! {the window to the soul right?} i can tell that you’re an honest, very good person! ;) haha!! have a great night!!
    xo ~ kristina

  2. I definitely think the eyes can tell everything about a person. Eye contact is one of the most intimate things to experience, you can see right inside a person, and know exactly how they are feeling. You have beautiful eyes.

  3. Wow what beautiful yet simple photos. Eye are truly windows into the soul yes?

    Thank you for your wonderful comment! It has been a while, too long. I have been well, but just drowning under school work and study. Four more weeks and I’ll have a little break again

    All the best with your new semester

    xx Carina

  4. Not only eyes.. but photos can say almost everything about a person.
    Lovely shot
    lee x

  5. I love eye photos because it’s so true! You can tell so much through the “window to the soul”. Your eyes are lovely! :)
    Hope you’re having a wonderful week, S!

  6. OMG I love love love this photo of you! I saw it on twitter as well. :)


  7. oh my, you’re right! you do have lovely eyes =D

    cant wait to see the pics of your photoshoot!!!!


  8. i would be so devastated if my posts were to go missing unaccounted for like that! you should really consider switching to a more reliable one perhaps – this isn’t the first time it’s happened now, is it? :( Hope it doesnt happen again!

    ooo i totally know what you mean about they eyes. I love taking pivtures of eyes too, not just mine, but anyone’s! it’s an amazing feat if you can successfully capture the quintessential sparkle in one’s peepers to reveal his or her feelings :) The eyes are very powerful things. Like anna faris said in House Bunny: “The eyes are the nipples of the face!” Teehee.

  9. EEEP! The most beautiful photos of your VERY BEAUTIFUL eyes!! :D

    Eyes are definitely the window to the soul. & YOU, my friend, are GORGEOUS, inside and out!

    Hope your upcoming weekend is very happy!!

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